Free space available now for start-up social media companies within our office now!

A large boardroom with chairs, table and projector at one end
Kirkdale Office in Sydenham, South London, is starting up its new project which lets you and anybody you know come join us free of charge in our office to start up your own social media company.

Kirkdale Office is opening its doors as the only free of rent office to those in the social media sector within Sydenham and the surrounding area. Letting all start-ups use our office space freely including all its facilities, all you need is a computer and we can set you up on the main office floor where all people will be working. In addition we provide free Wi-Fi to those who work within the office, making collaboration and cooperation easy to do without having to chase people who might be able to help.

The office is a relaxed working environment with an atmosphere that harbours effective performance for those working within it. There are facilities including kitchen with microwave, fridge (with freezer) and counter. The lower floor has other facilities such as men and women’s toilets as well as a meeting room available for all office staff to use. 

A bright and airy office space
Does this sound like something you need to have? Simply call in now then on
 0203-745-5224 today to organise a free viewing before you join our ranks, alternatively, email: and we will email back at the soonest possible time.

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